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Matew - Make Album The Easy Way

Matew is a valid HTML/CSS generator for static image albums. It supports retrieving information from EXIF cameras and includes customizable options like character set encoding. Albums may contain sub albums, and the appearance of an album can be fully personalized and customized choosing a CSS style file, setting names and descriptions of albums and individual images.



I advice you to login as root and install the script. By the way if you just want to try the script before installing it onto the system do as follows:

  1. Unpack the source into your home directory: # tar xfz matew.tar.gz or # unzip
  2. Run matew-wizard to setup the configuration file: # cd ./matew/src # ./matew-wizard Note: Read the instruction carefully
  3. Finally run matew: # ./matew <source path> <target path> Note: <source path> is the directory where the images are stored in. <target path> is the directory where you want the album to be created. This path can be the same as the source path. It's strongly reccomanded to run matew with the verbose flag at least the first time you run it: # ./matew -v <source path> <target path> This way you can see exactly what the script is doing every time.
  4. Read the matew help usage for more details: # ./matew -h Note: The -i flag can be used to create the information files (album_description and image_descriptions). It is really useful the first you run matew on a certain <source path>. Then you can edit these files to setup album name, album description, album image identifier and a long description for one or more images. Later run matew without the -i flag. You will notice that now there are more information in the album output pages.


To install the script login as root then, enter the unpacked matew directory and run the install script:

cd ./matew

This will put the script executable files into /usr/bin, language and style directories into /etc/matew and documentation files into /usr/share/doc/matew.

Now you can run matew from wherever you want. For further information about the usage read the [[Usage]] paragraph.


ImageMagick for convert and identify command line tools.


matew is released under the terms of the General Public License v2.